“Intelligent Network, Connected Trust”

Founded: 2012 in Hangzhou, China

Category: Cybersecurity, Big data risk control

Primary office: Hangzhou, China

Core technical team: Hangzhou, China

Status: Private

Employees: 1000+

Amount raised:  $250+ million

(6 rounds – Apr 25, 2019)


  • Professional third-party intelligent risk management and decision-making service provider
  • SaaS-based platform with Artificial intelligence-based solutions for intelligent user analysis, risk management, antifraud, etc.
  • Guarantees the security of client data
  • Sectors include financial industry, internet business, logistics, healthcare, retail, smart cities and government bodies



  • Estimated valuation: $2 billion
  • Revenue: $76.65 million (2018)
  • Gross margin: 92.3% (2018)
  • Corporate clients: 10,000+



  • Red Herring “Global Top 100 in Technology Innovation” (2015)
  • Asian Banker “Best Cloud-based Application” (2017) and Risk Management Awards (2019)
  • Forbes China and KPMG China “FinTech 50” (2017)
  • Asia Money China’s “Leaders in FinTech” (2017)
  • “2018 World AI Industry Development Blueprint” published by Gartner
  • CB Insights’ “Global FinTech Unicorns” list (2018)
  • World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Contest Top 20 (2019)
  • Subsidiary “Tongdun International” established in Singapore to serve Southeast Asian market (2018)


  • Anti-fraud services – fraud intelligence, promo abuse detection, interface abuse detection, payment fraud, content abuse detection, IP profiling, intelligent Captcha, account takeover/abuse detection, APP install abuse detection, anti-SMS interface abuse, transaction fraud, image abuse detection, email address profiling
  • Credit risk management services – loan underwriting, joint modeling, “Tongdun Zhixin” score, post-loan monitoring
  • Core risk management tools – decision engine (business rules management), model butler (model management) , social link analysis (data correlation analysis in e-commerce, payment, games, etc.), case management
  • Sectorial solutions
    • Non-bank microfinance – fraud risk prevention throughout loan lifecycle
    • Fund management – identify garbage registration, bank card theft, abnormal cashing, etc.,
    • Banking – real-time risk management for loan lifecycle, accounts, credit ratings, etc.
    • Insurance – fraud risk prevention enhancing insurance company risk management processes
    • Auto finance – risk management solutions for fraud scoring, loan lifecycle, joint modeling, credit guard, information checks and social link analysis
    • Trust enterprises – provide process solutions for business design, process control, risk management, personnel training, and operational optimization to help trust enterprises create their own products
    • Government – provide machine learning platform, AI technology, decision engine and cloud platform to help governments and public institutions establish a scientific and efficient “analysis-supervision-decision-execution” closed-loop mechanism.
    • Internet – solutions for e-commerce, social media, online-to-offline, live broadcast, games, aviation and other industries, including protection of registration, transactions and payments, intelligent early warning, antifraud services


  • Strategic partnership with Huawei Cloud – data analytics and artificial intelligence supporting financial industry transformation
  • Project cooperation with China UnionPay – launch innovative practices and cooperation around the establishment of an intelligent risk control system through big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other advanced technologies, combined with UnionPay’s actual application scenarios
  • Strategic partnership with China Life Insurance (Guangdong Branch) – provide customers with targeted risk management solutions, analyze customer risk characteristics, and control potential risks effectively through machine learning, knowledge maps and other technical means
  • Partnership with ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) – improve ICBC’s big data risk control system in three aspects: integrate customer behavior data and build a fraud information database; cross-validate multi-dimensional risk assessment coefficients to conduct more comprehensive and accurate customer risk assessment; form a full-line risk warning to provide risk prevention and control for various business departments
  • Cooperation with domestic universities – promote innovative breakthroughs in artificial intelligence technologies such as deep learning and machine learning, and apply theoretical breakthroughs to innovative products
  • Singapore Fintech Festival – showcase the latest global financial technology development achievements, communicate talent accumulation, industrial resources and other topics, further consolidating and strengthening cooperation in innovative industries in Southeast Asia


  • Financial technology
  • Cloud computing, risk management, anti-fraud, big data analytics
  • Strong industry influence and platform connectivity through in-depth cooperation with over ten thousand customers in various industries
  • Data analytics benefits from customer research experience and strategic cooperation
  • Artificial intelligence applied in specific scenarios instead of universal AI platform
  • Ability to transform analysis results into industry insights and problem-solving capabilities
  • Full process solution – provide partner system architecture, full-process risk control design and operation, and risk control personnel training



  • PaaS (Platform as a service) attributes include:
    • Decision engine – including functions such as reusable simple rules, decision tables, decision trees, rule flows, and other components such as editing, deployment, operation, and monitoring
    • Model platform – Including model construction, deployment execution, model monitoring and other functions
    • Graph computing platform – real-time analysis of all scenarios and automated gang fraud visual analysis reports, providing customers with basic tools for investigating fraud cases during and after the incident
    • Real-time computing platform – high-dimensional millisecond real-time aggregation calculations of more than 10 billion times per day under multiple scenarios
    • Machine learning full process service platform for algorithm engineers and data scientists
    • Deep learning platform – integration of modeling, training, deployment, data management and online learning
  • Comprehensive set of competencies including SSL encrypted tunnel, multiple backup protection, double active server rooms in different locations, user privilege isolation, device fingerprint, proxy detection, cheating tools (e.g., hacker attack, steal account, phishing website) identification, human identification, artificial intelligence risk management, real-time gang detection
  • Extensive large-scale database knowledge
  • Block chain laboratory located in North America
  • Joint research laboratories in famous Chinese universities
  • Excellent core team – including members from enterprises such as Ali, PayPal, UnionPay, FICO, and SAS
  • 80% of staff are product development and data scientists


  • Integrates artificial intelligence into business scenarios so as to offer solutions in intelligent user analysis, intelligent risk management, intelligent antifraud and intelligent operations across sectors
  • Massive application of artificial intelligence and big data analytics to online financial services, intelligent investment consulting, revitalizing existing customers, and improving customer conversion rate
  • Create targeted full life cycle solution for partners in response to the pain points of the entire financial credit business
  • Develop private cloud services to allow customizable solutions


  • Values regarding client, ethical culture, teamwork and professionalism
  • Leverage artificial intelligence, big data analytics and cloud computing to empower the financial, internet, logistics, medical, retail and other industries to establish an intelligent business decision-making platform
  • Vision – intelligent decisions, better lives
  • Digital transformation to include credit for small and micro enterprises, consumer credit and government
  • Promote data value, build a systematic data asset management system, form unified data standards and specifications, improve data quality and realize value-added data services
  • Take advantage of the rising trend and growth of Internet finance

Assertions That Best Describe What the Company Did to Scale Early, Rapidly & Securely

  1. Enhance cybersecurity automation by using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  2. Increase demand by using scientific and technological advances to develop innovative products and services
  3. Increase sales by offering a variant of products and service to each market
  4. Apply big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to infer cyberattack campaigns from cyberattack components
  5. Combine company resources with those of other resource owners to create value that cannot be created by your company alone
  6. Develop and sell products that address a problem, job to be done or a need that is shared by a large and growing number of individuals and organizations in various regions to increase sales
  7. Increase sales by applying big data analytics to produce information about users, suppliers and customers
  8. To build and maintain trust of company stakeholders, use data centric cybersecurity approaches to protect data and users globally
  9. Establish partnerships that increase the demand for products that complement the company’s product
  10. Continuously seek and receive funding to support the company scaling master plan and improve its brand in the marketplace


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  • Nan Yang