Gaps in knowledge

Gaps in knowledge about scaling

Two gaps in our knowledge about scaling have been identified:

  • How the following seven mechanisms increase the value of a company: brand equity, customer demand, supply chain adaptability, business model innovation, investment in information technology, intra-industry diversification, and offshoring
  • How digitalization affects a company’s international growth

These two gaps were discovered using a structured process that examined 33 assertions included in the Scale Assertions Inventory  ( Graduate students registered in TIMG 5103 Using Machine Learning Tools for Solving Entrepreneurial Problems during the Fall term of 2019 were assigned one of the assertions and asked to search for related research articles to identify research gaps, open questions and little studied areas.

Each student provided a set of paragraphs referring to knowledge gaps identified in research articles. All the paragraphs suggested by the students became part of a corpus of documents that was analyzed by topic modeling. Topic modelling identified the two gaps identified above.


You can download the summary of the report on the two gaps.


  • Stoyan Tanev, Ph.D., TIM faculty
  • Jaskaran Singh, TIM student
  • 33 students registered in TIMG 5103 Fall term, 2019