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    Welcome everyone,

    This is the Discovery Hall, a virtual venue that accommodates aspiring entrepreneurial individuals and groups. At SERS, our aim is to bring learners together and build a community of successful entrepreneurs globally.

    The Practical Business Chinese language course offered through the Confucius Institute at Carleton University will be delivered by the visiting scholars/ certified instructors from the Chinese Universities. The curriculum, pedagogical methodology are based on the Official Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK) classification, this would benefit the learners for future HSK test which is required by many Chinese universities and organizations for international studies and employment opportunities. The courses are designed to target the language skills in daily conversation and practices including speaking, social and business communications. In addition, related cultural topics, group activities will be introduced and arranged as an integral part of the teaching. 

    This course is offered for the Entry Level learners, and the classes are delivered online. 

    The average class is 45 minutes per session, 2 sessions x 2 per week, 10 students per class.  In order to achieve the desired result, this course will apply unique teaching model: 

    1. In-class instruction and tutoring by the professionally certified instructors;

    2. After-class online practice with Chinese university students specialized in "Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language Program" through social media apps at the mutually agreed schedule.

    Detail course outline will be available soon.




    This course is to give you an overview of understanding about all the issues in global e-commerce and digital trade.

    This course is for UIBE overseas graduate students. Two classes share the same course content. We have students from the School of International Trade and Economics, and the students in another class from the School of Information Management.


    This is a course to give you a basic understanding about e-business from the business perspective. 

    This is a course for UIBE students. It is in Chinese, with reading materials and PPT in English.


    Course section titled “How new companies that scale company value rapidly use e-commerce”. 

    This course section is part of UIBE’s course titled “Cross-border e-commerce practical workshop.”